The “CENTER” introduced a development concept “Kangalassy 2.0” at an international session dedicated to global trends in urban development

12 November, 2018

November 9, an international session titled “Practice of creating future cities: Russian and international case” with a special focus on global trends in urban development took place in the co-working space, “Boiling Point – Yakutsk, a project of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI). The televised conference connecting several continents brought together Russian and international experts who discussed global trends in urban evolution and reviewed the most interesting and visionary world cases. 
The event was attended by urbanists, entrepreneurs and innovators. The session’s three key speakers included experts and practitioners in urban development:


  • Michinaga Kohno (Japan), President and CEO Michi Creative City Designers Inc, ex-Vice President of Strategy at Hitachi, owner of the Smart City startup, author of the book “The latest landscape of smart cities in the West”.
  • James Ehrlich (USA), founder of ReGen Villages, author of a research work at the Stanford University’s Solar Decathlon sustainability competition, co-authored with professor Larry Leifer and Chris Ford (American Institute of Architects). The work highlights the possibilities of building high-tech settlements in a human-made environment, which can function as autonomous entities.
  • Sergei Georgievskii (Russia), founder and General Manager of the Agency for Strategic Development “CENTER, an expert in sustainable growth and quality of territories, environment, architecture, economics of infrastructure projects and competition practices.

The session spotlighted the presentation of the concept to develop the Kangalassy micro-district in the Sakha Republic, Yakutia, “Kangalassy 2.0, devised by the consortium of international consulting company Knight Frank Russia and the Agency for Strategic Development “CENTER” as commissioned by SAYBM LLC, a subsidiary of AKB Almazergienbank, a regional bank in the Sakha Republic, Yakutia, with the support of the Government of the Republic of Sakha, Yakutia, and the District Administration of Yakutsk. The “Kangalassy 2.0” development concept was first unveiled at the Eastern Economic Forum in this September.