A workshop was held in with the residents of Dubna concerning the improvement of the Volga Great Embankment

14 December, 2018

A workshop was held on December 14, at the Scientists Center of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, where residents and guests of the town discussed proposed projects for the renovation of the town’s most important pedestrian zone, the Great Volga Embankment. Over 100 people attended the seminar.

The event was organized by the Dubna Town District Administration and the Agency for Strategic Development CENTER, who invited town residents to share their wishes and ideas about the project, so that the project can take the form most desired by local residents.

The event was divided into several parts. In the beginning, the lead architect on the project, Alexander Bondarenko, from the Agency for Strategic Development CENTER, outlined how the designers see the Embankment, and which parts of it they plan to change. Then, Alexander and the General Director of the Agency for Strategic Development CENTER addressed the audience’s questions. 

At the end of the question and answer session, participants broke into eight working groups, which formulated additional suggestions, ideas, and comments on the proposed project, and presented them to the seminar as a whole. There were a great number of diverse ideas. All were collected and will be taken into consideration in future project work.