Acceptance of entries for the Moscow Awards in Architecture 2019 closed

18 February, 2019

In the first stage, the expert jury for theMoscow Awards in Architecture and Urban Planning 2019, which includes Sergei Georgievskii, CEO of the Agency CENTER, will assess the 62 entries. The projects with the highest number of votes will be listed as nominees, from which the winners will be selected.
The award is granted for the development of the most expressive, original, high-quality architectural and urban planning solutions for capital construction, meeting the objective of the creation of a comfortable urban environment and contributing to the long-term development of the construction industry in Moscow, if implemented. The winners will be awarded one million rubles per project. The award ceremony will take place on Architects’ Day, July 1.

Other members of the Expert Panel, chaired by Sergei Kuznetsov, Chief Architect for Moscow, include: Eugene Asse, Dean of the March Architecture School; Julia Burdova, Partner at Buromoscow; Mikhail Posokhin, General Director of Posokhin Mosproject-2; Nikolay Shumakov, President of the Union of Moscow Architects, Chief Architect of Metrogiprotrans; Vadim Grekov, Managing Director of Mosproject-4 JSC; Julia Shishalova, Chief Editor of the Russia Project magazine; Pyotr Kudryavtsev, Partner at Citymakers bureau, Chairman of the Committee for Urban Development Policy, Architecture, and Construction at the Moscow Civic Chamber; and others.

Sergei KuznetsovChief Architect for Moscow

The continuity and promotion of the Award is important for the professional community and the real estate market as a whole, as it contributes to the development of a pool of projects that serve as models for other architects, developers, and city residents. Thus, the Award serves as a tool for the development of the architecture industry, and also customer and consumer taste