Concept of a modern park in the historic center of the town discussed in Troitsk

27 February, 2019

On February 26, in the town of Troitsk, Chelyabinsk region, the renovation of the Tomin Culture and Recreation Park located in the historic center of the town was discussed. During a round-table expert discussion and a workshop involving local residents, a team from the Agency for Strategic Development CENTER presented a preliminary concept for modern public space, taking into account the historical context of the surrounding territory. As a result of this collaboration, the participants of the meetings developed proposals to be considered during the further development of the concept.
The concept for the improvement of the park was based on a study of the urban environment of the central party of Troitsk conducted by Agency analysists. The team of experts from the Agency CENTER proposed dividing the park into five functional zones intended for various categories of town residents. The greenest and quietest part of the park will serve as a family area with playgrounds for children of different ages. Likewise, mothers with infant strollers will be able to walk there without worrying about being disturbed by any noise. Students and schoolchildren will be able to work and relax in the youth zone, and use the sport zone for outdoor activities, which, as the architects proposed, will be separated from the other parts of the park by greenery. Near the intersection of Gagarin and 30 Let VLKSM streets, an inviting entrance zone will be arranged as an intimate square with a park cafe. A multipurpose amphitheater hosting concerts, lectures, film shows and dance parties will serve as the center of the park.
The round-table expert discussion was held in the town administration building. Participants included, among others, the Troitsk administration, and representatives of small business, the Council of Deputies, and the Civic Chamber.
The workshop included over 80 residents of Troitsk who care about the future of their town. People of different generations were present, from high school students to retirees. Working in groups, local residents came up with their own vision of the project, which was formalized by the moderators for further analysis. The workshop started with a welcome speech from the Head of the Town Administration.

Aleksandr VinogradovHead of Administration of Troitsk

We have been engaging the town residents since the development of the design for the Memory Square in 2014. Further, we participated in different projects: “Live Towns”, the Ural City Battle Competition for the development of town-planning solutions, where our team was the winner. I would like to point out that, thanks to the Agency for Strategic Development CENTER, today’s workshop appeared to be one of the best, and was conducted on a very high level. I hope it will contribute to the development of a project for renovation of the Tomin Culture and Recreation Park that will not only allow us to win the All-Russian Competition for the Improvement of Small Towns and Historic Settlements, but will be interesting for and popular among the people, so as to ensure the active attendance of our park by local residents and visitors to Troitsk.

During the meetings, the hottest issues discussed were the demolition of the fence along the perimeter of the park and the preservation of the Ferris wheel, which is an important element of the look of the park, and of the town as a whole. Currently, the wheel is used in summer, but will soon require modernization.

Ketevan KhelayaExecutive Director of the Agency for Strategic Development CENTER

Today, the application of the principles of design co-development is an integral part of successful projects for the development of a comfortable urban environment. At the workshop, organized in cooperation with the Troitsk administration, we could see the engagement of people of different ages in the process of the transformation of the town. As a result of such collaboration with local residents and experts, we received many constructive proposals to consider during further design development. I am sure that the work conducted will help us make the Tomin Park popular among local residents and visitors to Troitsk, and the improvement of the park will serve as a catalyst for the further transformation of the public spaces of one of the sunniest towns of Russia.