Agency CENTER has partnered with the Urban Policy Institute

4 April, 2019

Today, a press conference was held devoted to the opening of the Urban Policy Institute (UPI), an independent expert platform, which will be engaged in issues of reprogramming and comprehensive development of territories. The project was created at Universal University and lead by Evgeniya Murinets, the presidential advisor at the Union of Architects of Russia, a member of the Expert board for the creation of a comfortable urban environment and the Commission for housing policy of the Public Council under the aegis of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation. Agency CENTER acted as a project partner and Moscow Export Center became a strategic partner.
Not only were the tasks and focus area of UPI defined at the event, but current projects were also made public. The Institute’s main objective is the development and implementation of comprehensive solutions through the organization of interdisciplinary interaction between professionals interested in handling the territorial development of the country by Russian and international architects, urban specialists, construction market participants, business communities, public authorities, researchers and specialists of the related areas of activity.
The platform is oriented towards effective partnership while educational activities and active interaction with professional Russian and international community are an important area of its focus.

Sergei GeorgievskiiCEO of Agency for Strategic Development CENTER

The industry is changing, and indeed, now more than ever, platform creation is a hot topic for dialogue between concept developers, architects, housebuilders, and material manufacturers. These specialists’ activities are interrelated, and often a lack of conditions for dialogue comes between them. A new project set up by Universal University might solve this task. The platform should be independent and should create equal opportunities for dialogue, bringing into play all parties involved in the process of programming and development of territories. It is important to have not only ideologists in this dialogue, but also those people who implement solutions and projects.