Evgeniya Murinets joined the Expert Board of CENTER

10 April, 2019

The Director of the Urban Policy Institute and Advisor to the President of the Union of Architects of Russia supported the initiative of CENTER, having become a member of the Expert Board of the Agency.
The board organized by CENTER more than a year and a half ago brings together professionals who share the values of the Agency and are ready to support our initiatives in the field of comprehensive development of territories and the quality of urban environment. We invited leading Russian and foreign experts in the field of urban planning, architecture, town planning, creative industries and the media. We are very pleased that this representative body includes Evgeniya Murinets, whose expertise and extensive practical experience in the field of architecture, urban planning and territorial development are highly appreciated by the expert community.
We would like to thank Evgeniya for the confidence and we are sure that cooperation within the Expert Board will be important and useful for both parties.