The CENTER Agency study of small towns and historical settlements is available for pre-order

23 April, 2019

A comprehensive study prepared by CENTER experts, based on the results of the Nationwide Competition for the best comfortable urban environment projects in small towns and historical settlements in 2018, is available for pre-order.
The competition was first held in 2018 by the RF Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities, on the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin. It was the first such project, in terms of the openness and transparency of competitive selection, its geographic coverage, the involvement of an interdisciplinary team of experts, the identification of regional and municipal deficiencies, the interregional self-organization of its teams, and its general educational effect.
The CENTER Agency was a strategic partner of the Ministry of Construction of Russia in the 2018 competition. As part of the partnership, CENTER was responsible for the whole range of issues related to the organization and conduct of the competition procedure, including work with competition applications and expert and consulting support to competition participants. Sergei Georgievskii, CEO of CENTER, was appointed Deputy Head of the Interdepartmental Working Group and Head of Expert Working Groups.
Based on the results of this work, CENTER experts prepared a comprehensive study. It is a unique project that accumulates the entire amount of information obtained in working with 455 competition applications from 82 regions. The study is planned to be published no later than June 1, 2019.
If you would like to be among the first to get an electronic version, you can fill out an application for it.
The study is free and intended for a wide range of readers.