CENTER Agency Publishes the “Historical Settlements and Small Towns” Study

10 June, 2019

The “Historical Settlements and Small Towns” analytical study, previously announced by CENTER Agency, has been published. This is a unique analytical product accumulating information about the Nationwide Competition among the best projects aimed to create a comfortable urban environment in small towns and historical settlements in 2018.

Study sections

1. Overview of competition results
It includes the specifics of holding the nationwide competition, experts’ assessment of the competition results, an overview of typical examples taken from different application categories and subgroups, as well as the specifics of creating a comfortable environment in small towns and historical settlements.

2. Analyzing the level of comfort of a relevant environment in the context of development of local economies
This section is devoted to a comparative analysis of the participating towns based on the characteristics that determine social and economic development of a relevant town, as well as the identified main economic factors affecting the quality of projects aimed to create a comfortable urban environment.

3. Typology of small towns and historical settlements
As part of the study, the cluster analysis method has been used, with the help of which towns were examined and analyzed in the context of the following characteristics: population size, climatic conditions, number of cultural heritage monuments, budgetary provision, economics and finance, cluster core and periphery.