The selection of the competition winner in Almetyevsk and the jury meeting in Samara is postponed

24 March, 2020

Due to the unfavorable situation in the country and in the world, stemmed from the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, and due to the special sanitary-epidemiological regime on the territory of the Russian Federation changes are occurring in the competition schedules. 

A face-to-face final jury meeting and the selection of the winner of the competition for the development of Stepnoy Zay River Valley, scheduled for 23 April, is postponed to 29 May with the Expert Council meeting being postponed to 28 May. 

A meeting of the jury and the selection of the finalists of the competition for the development of a master-plan for the territory adjacent to the Samara Arena stadium, planned for 26 March, is also rescheduled.

All the updates are available at the competition websites: and

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