How cities will change after the pandemic: Sergei Georgievskii takes part in the Urban Awards online conference

6 May, 2020

On May 6, an online conference of the Urban Awards took place on one of the most pressing topics of today: "How will cities change after a pandemic?" Leading architects and urbanists discussed the future of large megacities and small towns, shared their views on the strategy for organizing residential development and the transformation of the basic components of the urban environment, and also answered questions that concern the professional community and all citizens.

During a lively discussion, the speakers touched upon the viability of large and small businesses in the current situation, the need to develop new technologies, services and platforms, and also discussed possible changes in the organization of public spaces in the new “quarantine” world through the prism of world experience.

You can watch the recording of the online conference on the YouTube channel of the “CENTER” Agency.

Among the topics of the online conference:

  • What changes are expected in urban development after the pandemic?
  • How will the organization of public spaces change?
  • How should urban space be organized in the new world?
  • How should developers change their housing strategy today?
  • New technologies, services and platforms - what will cause a pandemic?

The conference was attended by:

Sergei Georgievskii, General Director of the CENTER Agency;
Sergei Kuznetsov, chief architect of Moscow;
Sergei Kapkov, Head of the Moscow Center for Urban Studies and the Center for Urban Studies of the Faculty of Economics, Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov;
Alexei Muratov, partner of Strelka Design Bureau;
Artyom Gebelev, Head of Brand Urban Studio;
Nadezhda Hort, head of the Shukhov Lab laboratory for experimental urban design;
Anna Sokolova, Marketing Director, Ingrad Group of Companies;
Anastasia Kremenchuk, editor-in-chief of the and portals.

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