Development of Ecotourism in Russia: 17 Winners Announced

16 October, 2020

The Committee for the Nationwide Competition to design tourist and recreational clusters and develop ecotourism in Russia, headed by Sergey Ivanov, special aide to the Russian President for conservation, ecology, and transport, met today, October 16, to announce the winners of the competition. The honor went to 17 teams: ten projects chosen by the Expert Panel through a grading process and by a vote of the Competition committee members will now compete in the finals. Six projects won in the Area of Prospective Development category, and 1 project was chosen by popular vote.

The winners represent 15 Russian constituent entities from 7 federal districts. The Volga Federal District is in the lead, with 4 winning projects. The Far Eastern, Siberian, and Central Federal Districts rank second, with 3 projects each. The honorary third place goes to the Northwestern Federal District, which submitted 2 winning projects. And the Ural and Southern Federal Districts have one winning project each.

Below is the list of winning projects:

  • The Heart of Bashkiria TRC, Republic of Bashkortostan, Volga Federal District;
  • The Tunkin Dolina TRC, Republic of Buryatia, Siberian Federal District;
  • The Kamskoye UstieTRC, Republic of Tatarstan, Volga Federal District;
  • The Mountainous Khakassia TRC, Republic of Khakassia, Siberian Federal District;
  • The Untamed Kamchatka: Land of People, Volcanoes, and Salmon TRC, Kamchatka Territory, Far Eastern Federal District;
  • The Land of the Leopard TRC, Primorsky Territory, Far Eastern Federal District;
  • The Great Valday Trail TRC, Novgorod Region, Northwestern Federal District;
  • The Samarskya Luka TRC, Samara Region, Volga Federal District;
  • The Busse Lagoon TRC, Sakhalin Region, Far Eastern Federal District;
  • The Romantsevskiye Mountains TRC, Tula Region, Central Federal District.  

The winners in the Area of Prospective Development category were:

  • The Black Earth TRC, Republic of Kalmykia, Southern Federal District;
  • The Muromskii TRC, Republic of Karelia, Northwestern Federal District;
  • The White Mountain TRC, Sverdlovsk Region, Ural Federal District;
  • The Smolensk Lakes: Wellspring of Russia TRC, Smolensk Region, Central Federal District;
  • The Paustovsky TRC, Ryazan Region, Central Federal District;
  • The Mezhdurechensk Prospective Development TRC, Kemerovo Region, Siberian Federal District.

The winner of the popular vote was:

  • The Vysokogorsky TRC, Republic of Tatarstan, Volga Federal District.
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