Magic number: Agency CENTER turns six years old!

22 December, 2020

Today is our birthday, Agency for Strategic Development CENTER turns six years old! For six years, together with partners and architects from all over the world, we're #designinglifestyle.

In numerology, the number 6 means harmony, balance, new alliances, happiness, perfection, beauty and success. It also symbolizes the unity of two principles, and this is no coincidence, because our company was founded 6 years ago by two experts in the field of territory development, Sergei Georgievskii and Ketevan Khelaya. Also, in India and China, six is a sacred number that denotes the whole universe. So, for us, the number 6 personifies the infinite number of our projects and the limitless possibilities of their implementation.

Also, the number 6 is magically present in our work. There are SIX executives in our company, on our website you can find SIX service sections, and you can follow the company's life on SIX social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Instagram, Vkontakte, Telegram).

If you still have doubts about the magical power of the six, see how it accompanied us during this year:

  • SIX architectural and urban planning competitions organized by the CENTER have started
  • at the ARCH-Moscow 2020 exhibition we organized SIX discussions;
  • and even in the current competition in the Republic of Dagestan we have SIX competitive objects.

Besides, SIX dimensions of space (four cardinal directions + top and bottom) - this is what architects work with in all our competitions.

All these non-random coincidences give us confidence that the new, seventh year will be filled with even more bright events and emotions. We have no doubt that the number 7 as a symbol of sophistication, wisdom and, most importantly, happiness will be our leitmotif next year and bring our company even more large-scale projects, successful collaborations, creative ideas and inspiration.

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