Happy New Year!

30 December, 2020

New Year is coming and year 2020 will end soon. 

It will go down in history as the year when the whole world faced a serious challenge and was forced to adapt to the changes that have strongly altered our lives.

Despite all the difficulties that we had to go through, we did not stop working for a minute. We changed cities, developed territories, conducted research, organized architectural and urban planning competitions, and implemented large-scale projects. Every day we worked with you to create a new high-quality environment for people, revealing the opportunities and potential of different territories.We are grateful to our partners who ventured to implement together with us an innovative format of work during a pandemic and demonstrated an extraordinary level of technological readiness for any threats and challenges. 

We are grateful to the participants of the competitions, who found the strength and motivation not to stop but to constantly strive for higher goals and heights in this difficult year. We are grateful to all those who followed our work and supported us. Together with you, we set ourselves ambitious goals, achieved them, and never stopped designing life!

We wish you a very successful and happy New Year! May the upcoming year bring you reliable partners, bold decisions and dizzying victories.
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