Astrakhan agglomeration development depends on citizens: a survey is published to identify the level of urban environment

3 February, 2021

On February 3, as part of the comprehensive work on the master plan of the Astrakhan agglomeration (regional development strategy), which was launched at the end of 2020 in accordance with the instructions of the head of the region Igor Babushkin, a survey of residents of the Astrakhan agglomeration starts. The survey is aimed at residents of the regional center and 7 districts of the region - Volodarsky, Ikryaninsky, Kamyzyaksky, Krasnoyarsky, Limansky, Narimanovsky, Privolzhsky. The survey will last almost two weeks and will end on February 15th.

The success of the project and proper planning of further steps is impossible without those who live and work in the Astrakhan region participating actively. The survey is aimed at obtaining a consolidated public opinion on the potential of the future Astrakhan agglomeration, the level of quality of life and the urban environment, infrastructural and social problems of the regional capital and other districts. Its results will be reflected in a comprehensive study dedicated to assessing the development potential of the Astrakhan agglomeration, and used in the future to formulate proposals for changes in the region, which will form the basis of the master plan. The study will be completed by mid-March.

As this survey aimed at analyzing the interests of the whole population, its initiator, the Agency for Strategic Development "CENTER", prepared several options for an electronic questionnaire, depending on the place of residence of the respondent: for residents of Astrakhan; for residents of regional centers of the future agglomeration; for residents of other settlements of the agglomeration.

To emphasize the significance of the survey, it will be published also on the official resources of the region and district centers, which will be included in the future agglomeration, as well as on the platform for the development of the urban environment of the region "We live in Astrakhan".

Let us remind that the research is carried out by experts of the Agency for Strategic Development "CENTER" with the support of the Government of the Astrakhan Region, the Administration of the city of Astrakhan. The results of the study will form the basis for an Open International Competition to develop a master plan for the Astrakhan agglomeration. The competition will start in March and end in July 2021.

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