"Moscow RE: Industrial" was reviewed by Anna Martovitskaya, famous blogger in the sphere of architecture

4 February, 2021

Anna Martovitskaya, author of architectural guidebooks and curator of international exhibition projects, has prepared a video review of the study "Moscow RE: Industrial" for Archiblog on her YouTube channel.

Archiblog of Anna Martovitskaya - a cycle of reviews of the latest issues of professional magazines, video reviews of new books on architecture and urban studies, and online excursions to the most notable buildings of our time. This time for a thorough study and detailed analysis, Anna chose the study "Moscow RE: Industrial".

Interdisciplinary research “Moscow RE: industrial. Typology of industrial territories and the best practices of redevelopment ", initiated by the Agency for Strategic Development" CENTER ", combines 4 analytical approaches: urban planning, architectural, historical and cultural, economic - and offers different scenarios for the redevelopment of industrial zones in Moscow, based on the analysis of modern approaches and evolutionary trends development of industrial territories. The production areas are considered in the historical and cultural aspect and are ranked according to the presence of industrial heritage monuments.

The research is divided into four sections:

  • Urban development context (justification for redevelopment).
  • Economy (potential for redevelopment).
  • Methodology.
  • Industrial heritage.

It analyzed 48 industrial zones of Moscow, which the authors of the study visited personally. The book contains maps, visual diagrams and photographs.

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