The future of cultural centers: the “Method of success” public talk to take place on 31 March

29 March, 2021

The “Method of success” public talk will take place on 31 March at 11:00 Moscow time as part of the “Culture Centers-XXI: culture, education, development” program. You can register to participate in the discussion using the link.

In the early 2010s, under the leadership of Elena Zelentsova and Elena Melville, a new concept for the functioning of ZIL was developed, modern formats and services aimed at adolescents and adults were introduced, the identity and information policy were completely reformed, premises were renovated, and personnel changes began.

  • What aspects of the modernization methodology are key?
  •  What difficulties and how can be solved during the reprogramming process?
  •  How relevant the methodology for modernizing the recreation center developed in 2012-2015 is?
  •  What could be changed in her now and why?
  •  How can you launch a systematic process of modernizing club institutions in Moscow and Russia?

The public talk will be attended by:

  • Elena Zelentsova, Head of the Department of Territorial Development. Glazychev RANEPA;
  • Elena Melville, Director of the Vorobyovy Gory State Budgetary Educational Institution, Lecturer at the Department of Social and Cultural Projects Management at the Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences.


 Elena Petukhova, manager of special projects of the Union of Moscow Architects, coordinator of the project "Identity in the typical".

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