About participation of the Center in the 26th International Exhibition of Architecture and Design ARCH MOSCOW

6 June, 2021

On June 3–6, the 26th International Exhibition of Architecture and Design ARCH MOSCOW took place at Gostiny Dvor.

The theme of the ARCH MOSCOW 2021 exhibition was “Ideas”.

Vladimir Kuzmin, architect and designer, co-founder of the Pole-Design project group, professor at the Moscow branch of the International Academy of Architecture (MAAM), member of the Union of Architects of Russia

“An idea is one of the fundamental concepts of ancient philosophy. It is an eternal and invariable mental structure underlying everything. The creator, the prophet, or the inventor are just the first to realize an idea, extracting it not from nowhere, but from the inaccessible world of ideas, where they all exist eternally and invariably.”

On June 4, the “Architect and Developer Breakfast” traditional morning discussion on current issues in the industry took place as part of the ARCH Moscow business program. The moderators were the CEO and co-founder of Agency for Strategic Development CENTER Sergei Georgievskii and director of the Schusev State Museum of Architecture Elizaveta Likhacheva.

During the meeting, architects, developers and urbanists discussed in an informal atmosphere the most pressing problems of the professional community, as well as the successes and breakthroughs that can only be made together.

Sergei Georgievskii also held a discussion on “Agglomeration: a fashionable ‘fad’ or an effective mechanism of regional development”.

Participants of the event (first deputy director of the Moscow General Planning Research and Project Institute Oleg Grigoriev, member of the Expert Council of the Ministry of Construction of Russia for forming a comfortable urban environment, member of the ASI Advisory Board, director of the Urban Policy Institute, adviser to the Governor of Astrakhan Region Evgeniya Murinets, Chairman of the Committee for Architecture and Urban Development of the Republic of Dagestan Nezir Guseynov, head of the Department of Architecture and Urban Development of Derbent Isa Magomedov) discussed the objectives of urban agglomerations, principles and practices of management of urban agglomerations in the city of Derbent, ways they should be created, and how they should be applied in practice.

A presentation of the “Integrated Assessment of the Potential of Astrakhan Agglomeration” study prepared by the experts of the CENTER Agency took place. The study was the basis of the Open International Competition for the development of the Master Plan of Astrakhan agglomeration.

The presentation was attended by professor of the Department of Reconstruction in Architecture at Moscow Architectural Institute and certified expert of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation Irina Krymova, leading expert of Higher School of Economics National Research University Viktoria Boos, head of the analytical group on strategic development of Agency CENTER Olga Melnikova, and head of the Agency’s analytical department Evgeniya Gritsan.

The session was moderated by Evgeniya Murinets, member of expert council of the Ministry of Construction of Russia on formation of comfortable city environment, member of ASI Advisory Board, director of the Urban Policy Institute, and advisor to the Governor of Astrakhan Region.

Experts of CENTER spoke in detail about the study of Astrakhan agglomeration, identified geographical, economic and socio-cultural prerequisites for agglomeration development, the Master Plan as an important tool of strategic planning, and much more.

On June 5, Maria Sedletskaya, leading expert at CENTER, took part in the case study “Branding of Small Towns. How an idea can shape the life of an entire city”. Maria shared her ideas on how to form the image of a city, and make its signs and values visible and tangible for its residents, tourists, businesses, and administrations.

The 27th International Exhibition of Architecture and Design ARCH MOSCOW will take place June 2–5, 2022.

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