On November 11, presentations in the “Discover your Russia” project began

11 November, 2021

The national “Discover your Russia” project to design conceptual tourist routes in regions of Russia began in 2021. The project includes a competition and acceleration program aimed at identifying impressive locations and entrepreneurs with the potential of attracting tourists, in order to further design conceptual tourist routes based on them.

On November 11–12, preliminary defense of projects will take place as part of the national competition. The 60 best tourist routes will compete in the course of defense. The teams present their projects, and answer questions from opponents and experts.

Welcome speeches were made by the deputy chairman of the competition commission, general director of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives for promoting new projects Svetlana Chupsheva, deputy head of the Federal Tourism Agency Elena Lysenkova, and secretary of the competition commission, director of initiatives for tourism development, ecology and climate of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives Olga Zakharova.

The national project will contribute to developing skills of the entrepreneurial community and regional management teams, and increase tourist flow into regions due to better recognition of regional attractions.

You can follow the fascinating debates of experts from all over the country live via the links:

Registration https://leader-id.ru/events/220561

The Competition organizer is the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, and operator is Agency CENTER.

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