First day of ARCH Moscow 2022

8 June, 2022

On the first day of ARCH Moscow, the Architecture and Urban Planning Department of the Administration of Derbent Urban District, together with the Program Directorate of Derbent, the exhibition’s Honored Guest, represented by Agency for Strategic Development CENTER and the Head of the Derbent Urban District, Rustambek Pirmagomedov, opened The Honored Guest. Derbent stand.

The central event dedicated to Derbent at ARCH Moscow will be the round table entitled Resilient Derbent. Strategist City. The discussion will delve into the key issues of the project:

  • Project management in the Republic of Dagestan and the role of the master plan.
  • Resilience as a modern challenge – developing human capital, the economy, and the social sphere.
  • How do we establish work for the long run, align a common vision for the government, residents, and business, and carry out a step-by-step transformation?
  • The form and content of a document – how can we follow recommended practical guidelines and launch unique development projects?

Chief Architect of Derbent Isa Magomedov shared the first results of the implementation of the master plan and underscored that much work had already been done to improve the comfort and beauty of the city.

Program of The Honored Guest. Derbent stand on June 9, 2022:

  • 11:00 – Coastal Development, Strategy, and Quick Wins discussion
  • 12:30 – The Team as a Key Driver of Urban Change case study session

We will also be glad to see you at the Transformer Cities. Scenarios, Values and Priorities for City and Territory Transformation. Tools and Case Studies of Constructive Changes in the New Reality open dialogue, which will take place in the City room tomorrow at 15:00.

Registration on the official website of ARCH Moscow 2022.

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