13 analytical studies of the Agency for Strategic Development CENTER have been added to the TATLIN library

28 February, 2023

13 analytical studies of the Agency for Strategic Development CENTER are now available on the TATLIN electronic library portal.

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The analytical studies, conducted by experts of the CENTER, will be of interest to both professional urbanists and regional development specialists.

1. Analytical research “Integrated assessment of the potential for development of the city district of Yakutsk”

The city district of Yakutsk is a key growth point not only for the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), but also for the entire Far Eastern Federal District. For the first time in 20 years, a large-scale study was conducted for the city to realize the image of the future and the mission to become the best city to live in the conditions of multi-year frost by 2032. The book presents a polycentric model of space development, the main driver of which is the application of the mechanism of complex development of territories and the emergence of new growth points in the north and south of the Tuimaad valley.

2. Comprehensive Analytical Study of the territory of improvement of the embankments of the Moscow River on the island of Balchug

Experts of the Agency CENTER conducted a sociological analysis of the territory of the island of Balchug, covering the quality of the environment, transport, social infrastructure. As a result, options for forming new educational scenarios of socio-cultural programming of the territory have been developed, emphasizing the historical originality of the districts of Yakimanka and Zamoskvorechye and repositioning the brand "Golden Island of Moscow".

3. Comprehensive Analytical Study of the Area around the Samara Arena Stadium

The Complex Study was carried out on the Samara Arena stadium, built specifically for the 2018 World Cup. The book presents an analysis of the development possibilities of the selected territory around the sports facility with an area of 360 hectares, taking into account the prospects of turning it into a new agglomeration center of the Volga region due to cluster development. Particular attention was paid to the image challenges of rebranding the Kirov district with the development of new innovative-educational, trade-office, service and hotel formats of real estate.

4. Comprehensive Analytical Study of the territory of improvement of the embankment of the right bank of the Moscow River from the Moscow Ring Road to the Stroginsky highway

The area being studied is part of the largest protected area of Moscow city, the natural and historical park of Moscow. To determine the needs of the population and the main problems of the territory, the experts of the Agency CENTRUS conducted a sociological analysis covering the quality of the environment, transport, social infrastructure. As a result, an optimal scenario for the development of the coastal area of the Moscow River with a total area of 105,5 hectares was prepared.

5. Analytical research “Socio-cultural analysis of the central part of the city Chelyabinsk in order to prepare conceptual architectural-planning solutions for the BRICS 2020 meeting of heads of state”

In the focus of preparation of the city for the image event of the BRICS 2020 leaders - the central part of Chelyabinsk. The study highlights public spaces that are the centers of attraction for city residents and visitors. On the basis of certain typologies, as well as scenarios for the use of public spaces, approaches to the urban development were proposed.

6. Analytical Study “Evaluation of the potential of the housing construction market in order to identify the demand in Kirovsky district I'm from Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan”

When developing the unique features of the project to develop the urban environment of Kirovsky district of the city of Kazan the international experience of development of desurbanized territories was used, as well as the best practices of housing construction in the city of Kazan, reflecting the general Russian trends. On the basis of the conducted research and comparative economic assessment, a framework concept for the development of the territory was determined, which defines the main idea of its development, as well as the principles of functional planning organization.

7. Moscow RE: industrial. Types of industrial facilities and best practices of redevelopment”

In a large-scale interdisciplinary Study, production areas are for the first time considered in a historical and cultural perspective. It combines four analytical approaches: urban, architectural, historical, cultural and economic. The objects were 48 production zones (in the borders of Moscow until 2012), for which the General Plan of Moscow City provides for a change in functional purpose.

8. Study of Comprehensive Evaluation of Derbent Urban District Development, Republic of Dagestan

Derbent is the oldest city in Russia on the Caspian coast with a rich history, the arena of centuries of confrontation between peoples and tribes, where different cultures have left their traces. On the basis of a comparative assessment of the challenges and problems facing the city, the presence of external and internal risks, a conceptual approach to the "reset" of the city was defined, which can be designated as "Derbent" a sustainable city.

9. Analytical study “Comprehensive assessment of the Makhachkala agglomeration development potential”

For the first time, the Makhachkala agglomeration is considered as a support for the Caspian region of Russia. The book explores in detail possible development scenarios that propose the use of urbanised, inter-settlement and agricultural land that is so important to the region.

10. Analytical study “Comprehensive assessment for the development potential of the Astrakhan agglomeration”

Astrakhan is the center of the Caspian region, having an important geostrategic significance in the scale of the Russian Federation. The strategic goal of developing the city as a historic settlement is to preserve the structure and character of the historic part of the city. The book reflects the key areas of development of the territory. The Agency's CENTER experts have proposed the most effective scenario for agglomeration development.

11. “Historical Settlements and Small Towns” Study

This book is a quintessential summary of the results of the unprecedented competition covering the entire country, the All-Russian competition of the best projects for creating a comfortable urban environment in small cities and historic settlements. The study presents an analysis of the comfortable environment in small towns and historical settlements in the context of local economy development, an overview of the results of the competition, as well as a typology of small towns and historical settlements using the cluster method.

12. Comprehensive analytical study of the effectiveness of public spaces created under the program "Moy Rayon" ("My District")

The book presents a comprehensive evaluation of the efficiency of public spaces created within the framework of the "My district" program by the experts of the Agency CENTER. These include popular parks and squares, courtyards and public spaces, as well as residential areas.

13. Сoncept for the embankment development in Imeretinsky Resort District near Sochi

The concept for the embankment development proposes a methodology for gradually transforming a temporary Olympic heritage site into a recreational zone that could become a cultural attraction of Greater Sochi. The idea is to create a lively walking area along the sea, which will connect all the sections of the waterfront and become the ecological axis of the entire resort area of Imereti.

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