As part of the Moscow Urban Forum (MUF), a lecture hall of the Agency for Strategic Development CENTER was opened at the Zaryadye Complex

4 August, 2023

Within the framework of the Moscow Urban Forum (MUF), a lecture hall of the Strategic Development Agency "CENTER" was opened in the Zaryadye ICZ

The head of the analytical group Polina Neustroeva delivered a lecture on the design of Smart city.

Smart City design is the process of creating cities of the future using advanced technologies to improve the quality of people's lives and increase the efficiency of urban infrastructure.

One of the key components of Smart City is smart management systems that allow you to collect and analyze data about the city in order to make more informed decisions and optimize the operation of urban infrastructure.

In addition, when using Smart City tools, environmentally friendly modes of transport are being introduced, such as electric cars and buses, as well as digital services for city residents that provide access to information and the opportunity to participate in city governance.

To view the presentation, follow the link:

Photo: Nikolay Sokolov /  Agency for Strategic Development “CENTER”

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