International Building Forum and Exhibition 100+ TechnoBuild

9 October, 2023

International Building Forum and Exhibition 100+ TechnoBuild took place at the Yekaterinburg-EXPO International Exhibition Center

Within the framework of the Forum, a session "City for man" was held.

The discussion was attended by:

  • Denis Vlasov, Deputy Director of the Institute of the General Plan of Moscow;
  • Olga Gritsan, Head of the Analytical Department of the Agency for Strategic Development “CENTER”;
  • Andrey Drozhzhin, Deputy Director of the Institute of Design and Urban Studies at ITMO University;
  • Alexey Krasheninnikov, Professor of the Department of Urban Planning of the Moscow Architectural Institute;
  • Irina Makova, Lead Architect of the Public Spaces Department of TOBE architects;
  • Daria Molodtsova, project manager of GC "KORTROS".

The moderator was Olga Pavlova, Senior lecturer at the Department of Media Communications of the Ural Federal University.

Olga Gritsan’s report «Approaches to the adaptation of public spaces in northern cities» was dedicated to the urban environment of northern cities.

Northern cities have not escaped the disadvantages of the formation of public spaces characteristic of many Russian cities: an excess of open public spaces in large cities built or undergoing large-scale reconstruction in Soviet times, and a shortage in cities with a significant sector of individual residential development; chaotic and fragmented public space systems, low level.

The situation was aggravated by the fact that during the formation of public spaces in northern cities, unfavorable climatic conditions, natural zoning, insufficient concentration of population, peculiarities of socialization, in connection with which public spaces in northern cities for a long time remained unadapted to the conditions of the Far North.

But despite the existing objective and subjective problems, many northern cities in recent years have demonstrated examples of systematic work with public spaces, adaptation of solutions to natural conditions and take into account local identity. The greatest progress is noted in the cities of the presence of mining corporations and in the regions where competence centers have been established. It is in them that we see adapted, functional and aesthetically attractive public spaces.

The collaboration of public and private development institutions, the unification of private and budgetary investments, the activation of social interaction are the areas that seem to be the most effective for changing approaches to working with public spaces of northern cities.

You can get acquainted with the presentation "Approaches to the adaptation of public spaces in northern cities" by following the link.

Photo: Agency for Strategic Development “CENTER”

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