An expert round-table discussion took place in the Dubna Town District Administration, about the concept for the Volga embankment

11 December, 2018

On December 10, 2018, the Dubna Town District Administration held an expert round-table discussion of working materials with the concept for the comprehensive improvement of the Great Volga Embankment.

The event was held in two sessions. In the first session, the Agency for Strategic Development CENTER presented a preliminary concept and designs to Maksim Danilov, Head of the Dubna Town District, to the town Council of Deputies, and to the heads of the main town enterprises. They emphasized the importance of preserving the town’s existing historical and cultural heritage, accessibility for limited mobility residents, and also discussed the legal and technical aspects of the project.
The second session was composed of local experts and representatives of local cultural and sports organizations. The experts paid particular attention to the preservation of parking spaces, and to the development of extreme-sports areas and scenic spaces for holding cultural events.