What will Norilsk be like by 2035? Discussion of the City Development Strategy in the Arctic Zone

14 September, 2022

The Head of the Analytical Department of the CENTER Agency Olga Gritsan, took part in a meeting of the discussion club of the Expert Center «Project Office for the Development of the Arctic» on the topic: «The development strategy of Norilsk until 2035 as a stronghold of the Eastern Arctic».

The discussion was devoted to optimizing the Strategy based on the strategic mission of the city, defined by the documents of spatial development of the Russian Federation; projects implemented by the city in the field of housing construction, creation of social, transport and engineering infrastructure; expectations and requests of the city's residents.

At the meeting, the following areas of urban development were discussed, which should be reflected in the Strategy:

  • strategic goals of city development in conjunction with federal level documents;
  • priority objectives of urban development in the short and medium term;
  • increase the involvement of residents in the process of updating the Strategy to increase satisfaction with the results;
  • the peculiarities of the interaction between the city and the key resident of the Norilsk industrial cluster;
  • experience of creating strategies in other regions of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation;
  • modern urban development tools for the cities of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation.

At the discussion club meeting, moderated by the Expert Council Coordinator

Alexander Vorotnikov, the head of the city, representatives of the executive power of the city Norilsk and experts on Arctic development.

A presentation of the Fifth Annual Polar Index was also held. Company<unk>, which was released by the MSU Faculty of Economics. I'm not sure. Lomonosov together with the Arctic Development Project Office.

The first place in the rating was taken by the mining and metallurgical company Nornickel, the second Rossneft, the third place is the energy company T Plus.

This year, experts used a new methodology to calculate the rating. It took into account 24 parameters that reflect all aspects of sustainable development of companies.

The purpose of the presentation: to spread the principles of sustainable development to all activities in the Russian Arctic, to familiarize with the methodology of calculating indicators reflecting various aspects of sustainable development and the results of rating calculation.

Polar Index project jointly developed by the Project Office for the Development of the Arctic and the Department of Economics of Nature Use of the Economics Faculty of the Moscow State University I'm going to see you. The polar index. Companies became the first specialized rating of Arctic companies in Russia.

Read more about the content and presentation of the fifth Polar Index on the website: https://porarctic.ru/ru

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