Sergei Georgievskii: “The general trend of architectural competition practice today is that not big renowned bureaus, but young startup projects predominate among the participants”

3 February, 2023

An analytical study "New Generation of Moscow Architectural Bureaus" has been published, which analyzes the activities of companies active in Moscow in the field of architecture and urban planning during the last 10 years.

The study was prepared by the chief editor of the journal “Project Russia” Yulia Shishalova and the manager of special projects of the Interregional Public Organization “Union of Moscow Architects” Elena Petukhova.

The aim of the study is to identify the specificities of approaches to designing and conducting architectural business, to identify favorable conditions for creating a competitive environment, as well as to highlight the activities of young bureaus that are working today on the changes of the city.

The study compiled a list of more than 120 architectural companies founded or prominent in the last decade.

Since 2012, the vector of architectural and urban planning solutions has been changing towards improving the quality of architecture. The development of competition practice, as well as the formation of demand for new services (consulting, sociocultural programming, participatory design) and the expansion of the range of demanded project typologies (master planning, exhibition design, etc.) have a positive impact on the architectural market.

Sergei GeorgievskiiCo-founder of Agency for strategic development CENTER

The general trend of architectural competition practice today is that the participants are dominated not by large renowned bureaus, but by young startup projects. And the most valuable thing is that they coexist on the same platform: within the same competition you can see the work of both the mayor and the rising star, and they have the opportunity to exchange ideas. It's not just a competition anymore. More often than not, every Moscow or Russian contest is also a dialogue and educational platform that allows for new names and collaborations.

The full content of the Analytical study “New Generation of Moscow Architectural Bureaus” can be found on the official website.

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