Agency for Strategic Development CENTER will implement a project for comprehensive improvement of Dubna’s river embankment

3 December, 2018

A project for comprehensive improvement of the Volga River embankment and the adjacent areas will be launching in the town of Dubna. Agency for Strategic Development CENTER will head the project team, the project owner is the Dubna Town District Administration.

The improvement project is aimed at creating a continuous recreation area which will link scattered districts of Dubna and the Volga River with the surrounding natural landscape. The reconstructed embankment will be integrated into the unique archeological and aesthetic image of the town and become part of the social and recreational infrastructure.

The length of the design embankment amounts to 8 kilometers (from the water utility sluice to the Dubna and Volga Rivers confluence). Total area of the area is 211 hectares. The embankment will join within one pedestrian route the existing riverside recreation areas and Dubna’s three historical districts: Bolshevolzhsky, Levoberezhny and Institutsky districts. This will create additional links between the facilities of the scientific and research complex in the historic core of Dubna’s institutional part, memorial objects and natural surroundings. The complexity and diversity of various urban districts will provide additional potential for the embankment development and the position of Dubna as an upscale destination attracting highly qualified individuals and talented young people.