CENTER’s project will transform the public spaces of Troitsk

12 April, 2019

A comprehensive study prepared by CENTER experts, based on the results of the Nationwide Competition for the best comfortable urban environment projects in small towns and historical settlements in 2018, is available for pre-order.

Troitsk was founded in 1743 at the intersection of caravan routes and developed as a center of trade. And now, the look of its central part is made up of merchant architecture of the XVIII century. One of the important challenges facing the city is increasing the level of comfort in the urban environment while preserving the spirit of its historical buildings. To solve it, the administration of Troitsk invited the Agency for Strategic Development CENTER.
A new view of the transformation of the town was formed on the basis of a comprehensive assessment of the current state of the central part of Troitsk, taking into account its identity. 
According to the experts, qualitative improvement of the urban environment is possible through the improvement of existing public spaces and the creation of new possibilities for citizens’ leisure activities, the harmonious transformation of the historical center of the town in accordance with the developed design code, as well as the development of a network of pedestrian and cycle routes designed in a single style. A long walking route along the rivers Uy and Uvelka could become a new place of attraction for the residents of Troitsk and tourists alike.

Tourism is a potential growth point for the Troitsk urban district. CENTER experts suggest uniting the natural recreation spaces near the town with traditional tourist routes diversifying them in new aspects. The leather haberdashery, brewing, machine-tool and electromechanical plants could become objects of industrial tourism and new event formats could be associated with the traditional kumis treatment and, thanks to the glory of the Troitsk hippodrome, equestrian sport.

An example of the creation of a modern environment in harmony with historical buildings will be the accomplishment of the Tomin Park of Culture and Leisure that is a key part of the network of public spaces in Troitsk. The idea of the project is to rethink the historical function of the urban garden in the context of the needs of modern people. After the renovation, it will become a place of generation of urban activity. The changes will affect not only appearance and zoning, but also the functions of the park. 
During the open workshops and questionnaires, the residents of Troitsk formed their desires for functional content, which were included in the final design of this public space. The park will be divided into 5 zones, each of which is intended for a specific group of citizens: family, youth, sports, an inviting area with a park cafe, as well as a central event zone with an amphitheater for public events.
The improvement of the Tomin Park will be the next step in the implementation of the concept for the harmonious development of the public spaces and significant tourist facilities aimed at transforming Troitsk.