City Government of Kaluga to Hold a Strategic Session on the Development of Local Public Spaces

27 June, 2019

Members of the City Administration of Kaluga and subject matter experts from the departments of urban management, architecture, construction and culture will hold a strategic discussion session with qualified experts of the city’s public spaces and a roadmap for their development. The event will be held by the Futuristika Project Research Laboratory, while its program will be directed by the Agency for Strategic Development CENTER.

The strategic session will take place at the Boiling Point (Tochka Kipeniya) co-working space in Kaluga within two days: June 29 and July 13. The welcoming address will be delivered by the head of the city. Dmitry Razumovsky will greet those present and outline the goals and objectives.

The session’s first module will make the participants aware of the different approaches to public space design and of the best case studies. The speakers at the seminar “Methodological Approaches to public spaces development: Best Case Studies. The Role of a Master Plan as a Long-Term Urban Development Tool” will include experts from the Institute of the General Plan of Moscow, the Doktor Gorodov project, the Nowadays Architecture Bureau, and the Agency for Strategic Development CENTER.

The program is aimed at providing participants with the best urban development practice tools and showing them how to thrive in an environment where the main goal is to compete for human capital. The educational unit will be followed by a special workshop, where the participants will be working in groups and design a large-scale Roadmap for public spaces development in Kaluga. After the workshop, the participants will be tasked with outlining their own vision of the public spaces development strategy.

The second module will take place on July 13. It will be dedicated to reviewing the results of the previous two weeks of work of the session participants. The participants will present their projects and discuss them with the participation of the experts, just like in the first module. The mission of that day will be to select, adjust and improve the best option.

The results achieved at the strategic session will form the basis for future systemic efforts of the City Administration aimed at holistic public spaces development in Kaluga.