The Area around the Samara Arena Stadium: The Agency CENTER is to Prepare an Analytical Study and Organize the International Competition

5 February, 2020

The Agency CENTER is to realize two projects on the territory around the Samara Arena Stadium: the comprehensive analysis of the territory around the Samara Arena Stadium in the city of Samara in order to conduct an Open International Competition for the development of a master-plan of the territory adjacent to the Samara Arena Stadium and the competition itself.

Both projects are initiated by the Samara Region Development Corporation with the support of the Samara Region Government and the Administration of Samara.

The project area is going to be a territory of approximately 360 hectares located around the Samara Arena stadium within the boundaries of Tashkent, Democratic, Volzhskoye Shosse and Moskovskoye Shosse streets in Samara. 

Research objectives are going to be the determination of urban development potential of the territory, marketing research in key areas of the real estate market, analysis of transport and other infrastructure, definition and analysis of the natural limitations of the territory, identification and analysis of objects that are mandatory for placement on the territory, and objects suitable for placement on the territory.

The objective of the international two-stage open competition is to develop three effective and economically sound concepts of integrated development (master-plans) of the territory located around the Samara Arena stadium through an open international professional competition.

Registration in the competition is available for Russian and foreign organizations in the field of integrated development of territories and urban planning, architecture, design, and elaboration of concepts for the development of public spaces and capable of attracting specialists in the field of economics, finances, and content programming to the team. The jury is going to consist of the representatives of the state authorities of the Samara oblast (region) and the municipal body of Samara, experts in the spheres of architecture, economics, marketing, urban planning, integrated land development.

According to results of the selection stage, three finalists will be selected on the basis of a relevant portfolio and essays, and will be engaged in the development of proposals. They will be paid a fee totaling 2,400,000 rubles, including all taxes and fees. Following a meeting of the jury, the finalists, will receive an additional payment in accordance with prize distribution, including all taxes and fees. The winner will get 3,600,000 rubles. The second place – 2,400,000 rubles, the third one – 1,200,000 rubles. The total Prize Fund, including all taxes and fees, will be 14,400,000 rubles.

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