Meeting with the governor of the Astrakhan region, press briefing for mass media and visit to the agglomeration districts: experts of the Agency CENTER are in Astrakhan

17 February, 2021

On February 15-17, experts of the Agency CENTER visited Astrakhan as part of the work on complex study elaboration.

The first event of the busy program was a press briefing, held at the Platforma educational center, which was attended by the region's leading media and representatives of the public. The press briefing was opened by Evgenia Murinets, member of the Expert Council of the Ministry of Construction of Russia on the formation of a comfortable urban environment, director of the Urban Policy Institute, adviser to the governor of the Astrakhan region, introducing everyone present in the context of the project. During the briefing, experts from the Agency for Strategic Development "CENTER"  Sergei Georgievskii, Olga Gritsan, Maria Sedletskaya, Olga Melnikova and Sanda Radnabazarova spoke about the master plan as a tool for the strategic development of territories, relevant for the Astrakhan region, gave information about the Agency - its experience, expertise and competencies, and also informed about the progress of the project to develop a master plan for the Astrakhan agglomeration, explaining at what stage it is now and what work is planned till the end of the study.

The crucial part of the visit was on February 15, when the Governor of the Astrakhan Region Igor Babushkin held a working meeting with representatives of the Agency CENTER, as well as leading federal and local experts.

The Governor noted the importance of the project for the development of the region and stressed the significance of interaction with residents. “On the basis of proposals from Astrakhan residents, we will create a program for a comprehensive reboot of the urban agglomeration. This will require the solution of many problems - from updating the housing and communal services system and transport network to the improvement of public spaces and recreation areas. But at the same time, it is important to preserve the original historical environment, ”said the Governor at the meeting.

On February 16 analysts from the Agency CENTER visited the Ikryaninskiy, Limanskiy and Kamyzyakskiy districts. During the visit, the experts met with representatives of the district administrations, asked all their questions, examined key objects and even crossed the Bakhtemir river by ferry. 

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