The Agency CENTER specialists and the Institute of the General Plan of Moscow made the first visit to Sakhalin

12 April, 2021

The Agency for Strategic Development "CENTER" team in partnership with the Institute of the General Plan of Moscow has started collecting information about the territory on which it is planned to build a new city. Last week the specialists made their first working visit to the island.

The architectural and urban planning concept should appear as a result of an Open international competition initiated by the Governor of the Sakhalin Region. The project is being implemented by a consortium led by the CENTER Agency, which includes the Moscow General Planning Institute. On the regional side, it is supervised by the Sakhalin Region Development Corporation and the Sakhalin Region Ministry of Architecture and Urban Development.

The purpose of the visit is to collect data for the preparation of a technical assignment, which contains all the key parameters of the future city: information about the territory and its problems, climate, relief and other parameters important for the development of an architectural and urban planning concept. Another stage of work is drawing up a portrait of the residents of the future city, as well as determining possible directions of its socio-economic development. Upon completion of the preparation of the terms of reference, a competition will be given to develop five architectural and urban planning concepts, one of which will become the basis for the creation of the city.

The consortium members conducted a field survey of the territory of the future city, organized a number of meetings with representatives of executive authorities, local experts and the business community. Information about the future of the city was also presented to the members of the Architectural and Urban Planning Council under the Governor of the Sakhalin Region at a scheduled meeting.

As part of the visit, an educational program was also launched for representatives of municipal authorities, architects and urban planners of the Sakhalin Region. At the first lectures, the experts spoke in detail about the methods of urban planning analysis, master planning, modern monitoring systems for the development of the urban environment, the principles of territorial planning, the integrated development of territories, the creation of a comfortable urban environment, the urban economy, the preservation of historical heritage, highlighted the features of competitive practice and other important for topic experts.

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