On August 27, the online discussion on the “Formula of Transformation. Context as a resource for development” will take place

24 August, 2021

The “Formula of Transformation. Context as a resource for development” online discussion will take place on 27 August at 11:00 am Moscow time as part of the Cultural Center-XXI: Culture, Education, Development program.

Every cultural and leisure institution is a part of the urban infrastructure, providing residents with additional opportunities for creative activities, self-development and education, along with all the usual services. The presence or absence of any given option in the institution’s environment provides additional opportunities for building your own program policy in the cultural center. If we add to it the potential of local identity, which can become key to building a unique strategy of development for cultural centers, then we can confidently say that the importance of context and the ability to analyze it and convert it into new programs of activity cannot be overestimated.

How employees of cultural and leisure institutions together with specialists in the field of urban environment research and socio-cultural programming study the context and create new programs and strategic products at the next online discussion within the framework of the Cultural Center-XXI program will be discussed by the invited experts.

Issues to be discussed:

  • Urban, district and local studies – strategic processes of development for territories and their reflection on the scale of positioning and programming of culture centers
  • Analysis and interpretation of results of field studies – hypotheses and tools
  • Analysis of existing services in the territory in forming a new program of activities
  • Study of the needs of local residents for updating user services. Development of new and adjustment of existing formats for various target audiences
  • Approaches to analysis of territory identity – how do the features of the place influence functional and event programming of spaces?

Discussion participants:

  • Anna Senatova, Head of Innovative Cultural Center, Kaluga
  • Yulia Baldina, Head of the Exhibition Department, Belyaevo Gallery of Moscow Exhibition Halls Association
  • Tatiana Novoselova, curator of the Moscow School of New Literature, author and producer of cultural projects
  • Ruslan Goncharov, academic director of the Urban Spatial Development Directorate educational program at the National Research University Higher School of Economics
  • Viktoria Boos, expert in the field of socio-economic research, financial modeling and development
  • Daria Naugolnova, architect, manager for the “Identity in Typical” project
  • Katya Goldberg, partner of Orchestra Design

Moderator: Maria Sedletskaya, Head of the analytical group CENTER Lab

You can register for the online event via this link: https://moscowarch.timepad.ru/event/1743038/

For more information on the “Cultural Center-XXI: Culture, Education, Development” program: www.dk21.online

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