“Moscow Through the Eyes of Expats” Tour Project to Start in the Capital by City Day

10 September, 2021

The project will give people the opportunity see the changes in the industrial territories of the capital through the eyes of foreigners who have become residents. On weekends, free tours to abandoned industrial zones that have been given the chance for a "second life” will be arranged.

The heroes of the project are foreigners who have tied their lives to Moscow: businessmen, teachers, designers, guides, marketing specialists, media artists, and public and political figures. They are expats who have considered Moscow their second home for a long time.

The first tour will take place on September 11. Registration for the tours is done via the official website of the project: www.promzony.moscow. Each tour will last up to 2 hours.

  • The first tour is “Gamson, Brocard, or Foreign Manufactories by the Gates of Moscow.” It is a walking tour of the newly reconstructed territory of the Ryabovskaya Manufactory Partnership. During the tour, visitors will learn some facts about the area, explore the offices and climb to the roof.
  • The second tour is “The French Mark on the Textile History of the Capital: the Past and the Present of Red Brick Clusters”. This walking tour brings together two of the largest textile enterprises of the past: the Albert Hubner Manufactory Partnership (Moscow Silk) and the Giraud Silk Weaving Factory (Red Rose). The tour was created as part of the “Business of Moscow Weavers” cycle of the MosPromArt project by research guide Valeria Gaidina. Visitors will learn about industrial history and different scenarios for the reconstruction and adaptation of these factories, which have become new points of development of the historic Khamovniki District.
  • The third tour is “Foreigners and Ancient Factories of Zamoskvorechye: Sweet Island, Tartan Fabric and the Mysteries of L’Oréal”. This is a walking tour of the quarters of the Golutvinskaya Sloboda Business Park and the factory of the Einem Partnership. Guests will learn more about the history of the factories, the layouts of the courtyards, the companies that rent spaces in the historical buildings, as well as get a chance to see the interiors and views from the roof of the business park.

The project has been prepared by the Government of Moscow’s Complex for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations as part of the Moscow “Industrial Quarters” program for the comprehensive development of former industrial zones, in partnership with the Agency for Strategic Development CENTER.

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