The second day of ARCH Moscow 2022 ends

9 June, 2022

On June 9, at The Honored Guest. Derbent site at ARCH Moscow, several sessions operated by Agency for Strategic Development CENTER took place.

The discussion on Coastal Development, Strategy and Quick Wins looked at the case study of the reconstruction of the city embankment and at the project objectives and their implementation.

The case study session on the Team as a Key Driver of Urban Change explored reviews of Derbent’s best practices in delivering on the principles of resilience, from public spaces to transport strategy. It also featured a presentation on the history of the creation of the team and its daily challenges in transforming urban space. The experts explained how to create a team to work on a project, how to facilitate dialogue, and how to gain the support of local residents as key allies.

In addition, the special Podcasting Studio project ran on all 4 days of the exhibition and forum, and presenters and experts discussed Derbent’s transformation journey and transformation practices in other cities and territories.

As part of the podcast discussion on Ideas That Change, we met with Sergei Georgievskii, the co-founder of CENTER Group, Natalya Bavykina, a partner in APRIL architects, and Amir Idiatulin, the founder of IND Architects.

Program of The Honored Guest. Derbent stand on June 10, 2022:

  • 11:00 – Comprehensive Development Projects, Approaches and Implementation case study session.

Registration on the official website of ARCH Moscow 2022.

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