CENTER Agency presents Transformer Cities open dialogue

8 June, 2022

On 9 June, the Agency for Strategic Development CENTER presented an Open Dialogue at 15:00 in the City room of ARCH Moscow: Transformer Cities. Scenarios, Values and Priorities for City and Territory Transformation. Tools and Case Studies of Constructive Changes in the New Reality.

The participants spoke about unique master planning projects in the Arctic, examples of concepts for sustainable development in the Russian regions, and the resilience of cities.

  • How do we ensure adaptation for the issues of the future?
  • Do territories need a “super idea” for a reset?
  • What role does the architect play in resetting a city?

Guest participants:

Maria Sedletskaya, Head of Analytical Group, CENTER Lab International Urban Laboratory,

Amir Idiatulin, Founder and CEO of IND Architects,

Viktoria Boos, Leading Expert, Institute for Statistical Studies and the Economics of Knowledge, Higher School of Economics National Research University,

Natalia Ryazantseva, Director of Cooperation with the Regions, Higher School of Economics National Research University,

Ilya Kantor, Head of Strategic Section, Timur Bashkaev Architectural Bureau,

Veronika Sychyova, Deputy Head of Regional Development Workshop, Moscow Genplan Institute.

Moderator: Sergei Georgievskii, Co-founder of the CENTER Group of Companies.

Registration on the official website of ARCH Moscow 2022.

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