The members of the Council ALAROS discussed the present and future of parks

25 August, 2022

On August 24, in the Lecture Hall in the Arch of the Main Entrance of Gorky Park, a meeting of the Council of the Association of Landscape Architects of Russia (ALAROS) was held with the support of the CENTER Group of Companies. 

The Association is an active member of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA), representing Russian landscape architecture in the global professional community.

The Council meeting was attended by:

  • Elena Lupina, Director of Gorky Park;
  • Lidia Leontieva, Chief Architect of Gorky Park;
  • Taisia Volftrub, President of the Association of Landscape Architects of Russia;
  • Aleksey Reteyum, Director for Development of the All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation;
  • Alexandra Martynova, landscape architect of the scientific and educational center of the Peter the Great Botanical Garden of the Department of Biology of Moscow State University and head of the Department for External Relations and Development of Kirov Central Park of Culture and Leisure.

Sergei Georgievskii, co-founder of the CENTER Group of Companies, was the moderator.

Elena LupinaDirector of Gorky Park

Gorky Park not only serves as a meeting place for specialists in the sphere of landscape architecture, but also receives feedback from the professional community thanks to such events. The citizens’ impression of the park largely depends on the work of such professionals. In August, the country’s main park reached 94 years old – we have accumulated a wealth of experience: as in the distant past, this place is famous for its flower gardens and architecture, and there are more than 40 cultural heritage sites on its territory. It is important not only to preserve this heritage, but also to develop further. Therefore, please walk, look, and offer your fresh ideas – we value your opinion.

Taisia VolftrubPresident of the Association of Landscape Architects of Russia

We have gathered in Gorky Park, which is rightfully considered the world’s first public park of culture and leisure. The Council is dedicated to city parks and the challenges and problems they face. We strongly support the idea of the director of Gorky Park to exchange opinions and ideas on improvement and development as often as possible. We plan to hold the next Council meeting in September at the scientific and educational center of the Peter the Great Botanical Garden of the Department of Biology of Moscow State University.

As part of a discussion on the topic «Parks of Culture and Leisure – A Unique Design for the Public Space of the City. Issues of Reconstruction, Development and Modern Use» the following sites were considered:

Sergei GeorgievskiiCo-founder of the CENTER Group of Companies

Today, city parks are being transformed under the influence of citizens’ growing need for high-quality, meaningful places with a variety of functions. More and more natural areas are involved in recreational activities, which, on the one hand, increases the comfort of the urban environment, but, on the other hand, leads to the disturbance of natural landscapes. For example, quite a lot of damage to the habitats of rare plant and animal species can be caused when public events are held on their territory, which should be taken into account by the organizers to minimize the possible impact.

The members of the Council also discussed preparations for holding the 13th National Award of Russia for Landscape Architecture and Garden Art Festival and supported the invitation to take part in the conference on the topic “Landscape Architecture at the Border of Cultures,” which will be held in Kaliningrad on December 8–11.

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