A case study session "Man and the City: New Formats" took place

23 November, 2022

On November 22, as part of the ALAROS Award, a meeting of like-minded people took place in a friendly atmosphere with a case study session, Man and the City: New Formats, moderated by Sergei Georgievskii, co-founder of CENTER Group of Companies.

Leading experts in the field of architecture, urbanism, urban planning, landscape and urban design took part in this discussion.

The colleagues shared their experience in the development of cities and public spaces, as well as prospects and developments in the field of social and cultural environment.

Tatyana Zhuravleva, founder of the Regional Development Agency, used Kamchatka Krai as an example to talk about how important it is to consider demographic features when designing urban landscape facilities.

Natalia Potapova, director of the Moscow Lights Museum, touched upon the design and issues of street lighting. Veronika Sycheva, deputy head of the regional development workshop of the state autonomous establishment Moscow Genplan Institute, talked about the concept of public spaces.

The presentation by Aleksandra Sitnikova, founder of ATLAS bureau, was devoted to the principles and strategies of sustainable development of the urban environment.

Ksenia Golubeva, head of the project department of DOM.RF foundation, shared the experience of improving parks in Russia.

Guy Eames, chairman of the Russian Green Building Council, paid special attention in his speech to the development of ecotourism infrastructure as an important component of urban planning practices.

Artem Ukropov, co-founder of Megabudka, presented an ambitious project of the city of the future. The company is developing Protopolis, a unique city of the future for “creative people with a new way of thinking”.

The Award will end on November 25 with a closing ceremony and presentation of awards to the finalists.

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