Within the framework of the Moscow Urban Forum, a lecture «Yard for everyone» was held

16 August, 2023

The Moscow Urban Forum continues! A busy business program attracts more and more visitors.

Olga Gritsan, an expert in the field of urban planning and development of public spaces, head of the analytical Department, gave a lecture as part of the Urban Lecture Hall of the Strategic Development Agency «CENTER».

The topic of the lecture — «A yard for everyone» — was not chosen by chance. Since the middle of the twentieth century, the courtyard has been the main space for bringing people together. But over time, this function was lost. However, today we see the increasing role of courtyard spaces in the life of citizens.

Modern yard spaces are considered by residents as an extension of the personal comfort zone — aesthetically attractive, safe areas of everyday recreation.

Courtyards become multifunctional spaces embodying the essence of modern urban life. They serve as centers of local communities, create an environment of recreation, leisure and communication. At the same time, courtyards in most cases remain territories of free access, therefore, when arranging them, it is important to maintain a balance to meet the requests of representatives of various social groups.

With all the variety of requests of residents for recreation and leisure activities in the courtyards, the general requirements of residents to the courtyards are unchanged: landscaping, safety, cleanliness, availability of playgrounds and sports grounds.

In 2020, the experts of the CENTER Agency prepared an analytical study «Comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of public spaces created under the My District program in Moscow», in which yard and recreational locations were considered in detail.

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  Photo: Nikolay Sokolov /  Agency for Strategic Development “CENTER”

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