Presentation of investment projects for the development of Grozny was held

20 December, 2023

The Mayor's Office of Grozny with the support of the DOM.RF and the Agency for Strategic Development “CENTER” presented to the business community investment projects included in the master plan for the development of the capital of the Chechen Republic until 2035.

Representatives of 60 companies from key sectors of the economy gathered at the Investor Day in Mercury Space Moscow City and learned about promising projects for the construction of housing, social infrastructure, tourism, education and landscaping, and commercial real estate.

The event was opened:

Muslim Khuchiev, Chairman of the Government of the Chechen Republic;

Denis Filippov, Deputy General Director of ”DOM.RF”, General Director of the Fund ”DOM.RF”;

Khas-Magomed Kadyrov, Mayor of Grozny.

The moderator of the meeting is Sergey Georgievsky, co-founder of the Agency ”CENTER”.

The concept of a strategic urban planning document for the capital of the Chechen Republic was selected in 2023 following an international competition organized with the participation of DOM.RF and the Agency ”CENTER”.

The winner was the consortium led by the MASTER’S PLAN that proposed to link urban areas and create new points of attraction for citizens and tourists with the help of a new planning structure. The document defines the key vectors of Grozny's development in economic, social, cultural, environmental and historical directions. The master plan is both a model of multidirectional growth and one of the tools for attracting investments.

First of all, the implementation of the Grozny master plan will include the development of the city center, the improvement of the Sunzha River embankment, the construction of new housing and an interuniversity campus, the creation of creative and agricultural clusters, as well as a special economic zone. The plans for 2035 include the construction of a medical campus, an expocenter, a tourist complex and comfortable residential quarters. It is planned to use both investor investments and budget funds to implement these projects.

Photo: Nikolay Sokolov

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