The forum "ESG transformation: a sustainable approach to development" was held

21 March, 2024

Within the framework of the Forum "ESG transformation: a sustainable approach to development", a session dedicated to the sustainable development of urban areas was held.

The session was attended by:

  • Olga Gritsan, Head of the Analytical Department of the Agency for strategic development CENTER;
  • Anna Ivanova, Deputy Director of the Moscow General Plan Institute;
  • Irina Ignatieva, Deputy General Director - Commercial Director of  "GUTA-DEVELOPMENT";
  • Zhanna Lopukhova, CEO of Canary reDevelopment;
  • Elena Malinovskaya, Member of the Board of the Association of the Commercial Real Estate Market for Sustainable Development (ARCS);
  • Yanina Krupchenko, Chief Operating Officer of Multispace;
  • Ksenia Lukyashchenko, General Director of "Center for Sustainable Development in the field of construction and operation of real estate";

The field of sustainable development has undergone a number of transformations in recent years, but the ESG agenda continues to be relevant and acquires new meanings in the modern world. Compliance with ESG principles makes it possible to solve a number of urgent environmental, social and managerial tasks.

During the event, experts discussed: the balance of resource allocation in the sustainable development of territories on the example of Moscow; trends in the development of public spaces; ESG in redevelopment; the need for the commercial real estate market in unification and partnership.
Olga Gritsan spoke on "City in the ecosystem/ecosystem in the city on the example of the Astrakhan agglomeration".

Currently, urban development takes place mainly within the framework of the paradigm of environmental protection, rather than ecosystem interaction, which requires a fairly "fine-tuning" to the biotic component.

Within the framework of the ESG agenda, it is important to preserve the role of ecosystems in the city not only by balancing natural and green areas, creating hybrid spaces of new formats, but also it is necessary to build ecosystem interaction with the "enclosing landscape".

Photo: E.Events.

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