The forum "Russia Inside" was held within the framework of the Moscow International Education Salon

4 April, 2024

New professions in the context of the personnel training system became the central theme of the Russia Inside Forum, which was held on April 3 and 4 as part of the Moscow International Salon of Education.

Nikolay Timchenko, Director General of the  Agency "CENTER", spoke at the session "Personnel training for the tourism industry of the future: creating new professions and updating existing ones". Nikolay presented current trends in the development and implementation of a tourism product, and also outlined the need to synchronize the growth rates of the market and development strategies of the largest industry players with plans to modernize the personnel training system using the example of two relevant Agency cases.

Using the example of the completed competition for the development of the concept of the family resort "New Anapa", operated by the Agency "CENTER", modern principles of creation and development of a new tourist territory, requirements for the implementation of similar projects and training of personnel for the resort region were presented.

The Chechen Republic demonstrates a different approach to realizing its tourism potential. Recall that the Agency "CENTER"  has prepared a large analytical study and acted as the operator of a competition to develop a master plan for the city of Grozny, and is now preparing a concept for the development of the entire subject of the federation, a significant place in which is given to the tourism industry. Its development is based on the creation of routes that combine historical, cultural and religious sites with natural and recreational ones. The implementation of such a concept will require a completely different approach to the training of future personnel.

"Today, there is already a noticeable gap between the real demand of the industry and the number of personnel on the market. Investments in the tourism sector and the implementation of large-scale projects will inevitably require the search for new formats for personnel training in this area," Nikolay Timchenko said in his speech.

Photo: Moscow International Education Salon

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