The presentation of the master plan of the city district "Argun City" took place

14 May, 2024

On May 14, 2024, the presentation of the master plan of the city district "Argun City", which was developed in strategic partnership with  DOM.RF, took place at the Chechen State Pedagogical University.

The development of the master plan was preceded by a comprehensive study of the assessment of the development potential of the territory, which was prepared in 2023 by th Agency for Strategic Development “CENTER” . Based on the results of the study, a vision of long-term development and a preliminary scenario for the integrated development of the urban district were formed.

To develop the master plan, a consortium was formed under the leadership of the Agency CENTER , which brought together 9 companies: Master's Plan, Imhotep Development, Mostransproject, Baza14, SUP.Architects, Acorn, Neoconsaltig, SLA.MOSCOW.

"The involvement of a wide range of independent specialists made it possible to objectively analyze the accumulated resource potential, consider and evaluate possible scenarios for its implementation, in order to formulate the most balanced and economically sound proposals for the development of Argun for decades to come. – noted Iles Akhmedovich Masaev, Mayor of Argun - According to the results of a detailed analysis, as part of the development of the Argun master plan, the task was set to form a city with a high quality of life, contributing to the disclosure of human potential in various fields. And all this in close agglomeration cooperation with the capital of the Chechen Republic". 

The presentation was attended by representatives of the DOM.RF and the Government of the Chechen Republic, which are key partners in the implementation of the project, as well as the mayor of Grozny, Khas-Magomed Shakhmomedovich Kadyrov and the mayor of Argun, Iles Akhmedovich Masaev. The close relationship between the two cities was determined during the preparation and holding of an open international competition for the development of a master plan for the Chechen capital. Based on the results of the study and a comprehensive assessment of the development potential of the territory, the Grozny agglomeration was identified, which includes the city of Argun.

"The presented master plan is part of a large-scale work to improve the quality of life in the republic, which we have been conducting for several years together with the leadership of Chechnya. This is already reflected in various ratings, where the capital of the Czech Republic is noted as one of the most comfortable places to live in the country. Last year, with the participation of the HOUSE.The Russian Federation has developed the concept of turning Grozny into an innovative center convenient for living, studying and working. As for the concept of spatial development of Argun, it aims to simultaneously reveal its natural and recreational, industrial, transport and socio-cultural potential. We hope that the implementation of the two master plans will be synchronized and attract the attention of investors, they will be provided with the best business conditions," said the Deputy General Director of the DOM.RF Denis Sergeevich Filippov, opening the meeting. 

The key factors in the development of the master plan were taking into account the opinions of all stakeholders, transparency and openness of the process. The developed document is not just a set of materials and diagrams, but a living and developing tool capable of adapting to new conditions and needs, ensuring long–term and sustainable development of the city.

Within the framework of the master plan, 15 key investment projects for the development of the city have been identified, which cover the spheres of economy, urban environment development, ecology, transport, and engineering infrastructure. The implementation of these projects will provide the residents of the city with optimal conditions for living, working, relaxing and socializing. making Argun an ideal suburb to live in

"The main task of Argun's master plan is to turn the city into a monofunctional center focused primarily on the development of industries. As part of the basic financing scheme for the implementation of key master plan projects, more than 80% of the financing volume will be attracted through private investments. As a result, an additional 17,000 new jobs will be created in Argun by 2036, and the population will increase by almost 50,000 people. The city will become the core of industrial growth as part of the Grozny agglomeration, with a diversified economy, a developed service sector and a high-quality environment attractive to life," Sergey Andreevich Georgievsky, co-founder of the Agency for Strategic Development “CENTER”, summarized the presentation. 

Further implementation of the master plan will be ensured by creating a management model that includes several levels of interagency cooperation, which will achieve the planned goals.

Photo: Zaur Takhgiriyev

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