The first stage of the development of the master plan of the Chechen Republic was discussed in Grozny

20 May, 2024

The presentation of the first stage of the development of the master plan of the Chechen Republic with the support of the DOM.RF took place in Grozny. The team of experts presented to the local authorities two scenarios for the development of the region until 2040 – with an emphasis on an innovative breakthrough and significant industrial growth.

The scenarios are united by a key goal – the formation of a competitive, diversified economy in the republic, which will be distinguished by reliance on internal potential and external investments, a harmonious combination of a high-quality urban environment and developed rural areas.

"Chechen Republic is actively involved in the process of developing master plans, with the participation of DOM.RF has already developed strategic documents for the Grozny agglomeration and the city of Argun. At the same time, the Republic went even further and decided to develop a concept for the development of the entire region – the first in Russia. We are ready to support this story as much as possible, including helping to train the necessary personnel. After all, the master plan actually carries the function of creating a team that will not only implement it, but also further manage it," stressed the Director of Urban Environment Development DOM.RF Anton Finogenov.

As part of the first stage of the master plan preparation, in January 2024, the development team organized a strategic session with the participation of representatives of ministries and departments of the Government of the Chechen Republic, heads and representatives of district administrations. Its purpose was to identify promising areas of development. This made it possible to take into account the requests of municipalities during the analysis and form a pool of possible projects for implementation, taking into account the specifics of each of the districts.

"The Republic faces an ambitious task – to become not only a key player in the North Caucasus, but also a significant investment and business center integrated into the Russian and international community, a hub of economic cooperation and trade with the countries of the Arab world, as well as the regions of the East and Asia. We are now in the middle of the road, but the analysis has proved that the Republic has great development potential, and our task is to make every effort to realize this potential," said Muslim Zaipullaev, Minister of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Chechen Republic.

The decision to create a master plan was made by the Government of the Chechen Republic and the DOM.RF  in October 2023. The strategic document is being developed by a consortium of six federal and regional companies under Giprogor and the CENTER Strategic Development Agency.

"At this stage, our team has comprehensively studied the requests of the Chechen Republic, prepared a preliminary development scenario and identified growth points for all districts. The next steps in developing the master plan will be to discuss the proposed vision for the long-term development of the Chechen Republic in the context of districts," said Ketevan Khelaya, co–founder of the  Agency for Strategic Development “CENTER”.

It is planned to present the finished master plan of the Chechen Republic in the autumn of 2024. During the further stages of preparation, 15 key centers of economic and spatial development, locations for the implementation of key investment projects will be identified, as well as a preliminary model of the sectoral structure of the region's economy will be prepared.

Photo: Zaur Takhgiriyev

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