Lecture from Doctor Yu. Kongzhan, Founder of Turenscape Landscape Bureau

6 October – 6 October 2015
Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan

Yu. Kongzhan, President of Turenscape Bureau, winner of the open competition for concept development to enhance Kaban Lakes’ embankment, gave a lecture in Kazan based at the invitation of the Agency CENTER.

  • Doctor Yu. calls to create large spaces, i.e. functional ones, get rid of concrete; stop fighting floods and water pollution, but rather get friendly with them.
  • In order to do that, they use the so-called “green tube” This means a system of different-level reservoirs, which are used to collect and slowly cleanse rainwater; the clean water then goes to a lake where it is almost drinkable.
  • On some levels, Yu believes that China and Tatarstan have similar histories.

“Think like a king, act as a farmer,” — Yu Kongzhan quoted one of his main principles. “When we work as peasants in terms of ecology design, we think systematically and on a large scale.”


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