Business Program on the Dachas Sokolniki Festival

27 May – 4 June 2015

Panel discussions with key representatives of wooden architecture within festival-fair for modern wooden house construction. They were held within the framework of the Open Competition for Development of Corporate Style and Key Elements of Identify for Sokolniki Park.


27 May

Wooden Architecture: History and Modern Times:

  • significance of wooden construction for history and culture of our country;
  • wooden architecture of Russia: retention / search / transformation of the Russian wooden construction style;
  • opportunities of the wooden construction for modern architecture and design;
  • making popular wooden architecture, including by the use of the "cultural code" of the Russian estate and Russian countryside house;
  • education in the field of modern wooden construction and restoration of monuments.


Olga Sevan, PhD for Architecture, Russian Institute for Cultural Heritage, member of International Committees ICOMOS — CIVVIH & CIAV, ECOVAST. Presentation "Russia's wooden architecture: history and Modern Times"

Sergey Georgievsky, On the role of wooden architecture in city public space, illustrated by the parks


Nikolay Malinin, Architectural Critic, Curator of All-Russian Competition ARHIWOOD

Dmitry Fesenko, Architect, Editor-in-Chief for Architectural New Letter magazine

Oleg Karlson, Director of Architectural and Construction Bureau ASB Karlson and Co.

Semen Goglev, Managing Partner of NORVEX NLK, WOODFOCUS

Konstantin Blinov, Development Director for NLK Domostroyeniye

Pavel Kuzmin, General Manager of FOREST LINE

Alexander Okorokov, PhD of Historical Sciences, Deputy Director of the Russian Institute for Cultural Heritage

28 May

Countryside Urbanism, illustrated by Nikola-Lenivets project


Sergey Georgievsky, Director of CENTER Strategic Development agency


Anna Shchetinina, co-founder of Nikola-Lenivets project

Anton Kochurkin, Curator of Archstonyanie Festival

Radmila Khakova, Digital Director of Nikola-Lenivest Project

Igor Dobrovolsky, Program Director of Nikola-Lenivest project

Vladimir Kuzmin, Architect, creator of Objects in Nikola-Lenivest, Director of Pole-Design project group

Moscow Suburbs: City or Village


Kseniya Mokrushina, Director of City Research Center of SKOLKOVO Business School (SUrbC)


Ivan Kuryachy, Architect, Managing Partner of Novaya Zemlya (New Land) company

Yury Milevsky, Managing Partner of Novaya Zemlya (New Land) company

Lubov Ovchintseva, PhD in Economics, lead scientist, Deputy Sector Director of the All-Russian Institute for Agricultural Issues and Information Sciences; focuses on research into countryside territories issues.

Gleb Vitkov, Director of Project and Training Laboratory for Urbanistics within NRU Higher School of Economics, Managing Partner of Novaya Zemlya (New Land) company

Alexander Antonov, Urban Planner, a founder of RUPA, member of ISOCARP

Nikita Pokrovsky, PhD in Sociology, Professor

Vera Goshkderya, Graduate of Higher School of Urbanistics, Manager for Communities Relations of RDI development company, participant of City-Friend project.

3 JuneNeither Village, nor City: Development of Countryside Territories

The students of the educational program "New Leaders for Territory Development" at Moscow School of Architecture MARSh and Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration are rethinking the role of countryside territories in different regions of the country: they carry out the research and design the future development opportunities.

  • Yam: Renaissance of the Russian Wooden Village in the Tver Region
  • Lukhovitsy: How to Renovate the Farmer Culture and Make Countryside Territory Attractive for Tourists, City-Dwellers and Farmers?
  • Novaya Riga: how to Bring Together Nature, Science, Small-Scale Production and Create a Countryside Park?

4 June

Summer at Countryside Place: about the Phenomenon of the Countryside Place in Russian Culture

We invited historians, region experts, architects and countryside lovers, and asked them to think about the role of the countryside place in the Russian culture, ways of life at the countryside places and whether there is a new countryside culture being formed as of now.


Sergey Georgievsky, Director of CENTER Strategic Development agency


Marina Khrustaleva, architectural historian, journalist, curator. co-founder of Heritage Capitalization Center

Anastasia Uglik, architectural critics, architectural journalist, Editor for AD magazine, lover of countryside as phenomenon

Filipp Smirnov, historian, local history expert, Moscow expert

Dmitry Oynas, historian, landscape architect. Vice President of national fund "Renovation of Russian Estate".

Nata Tatunashvili, architect, Nowadays bureau.

Konstantin Blinov, Development Director for NLK Domostroyeniye

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