Competitions of the Agency CENTER for public parks in Russia

26 October, 2022

Parks are an important component of modern cities, the lungs of their ecosystems and the heart of public life. Since 2014, the Agency for Strategic Development CENTER has held competitions to update the design code and create programs for the future development of green islands within many locations in Russia.

In 8 years, 7 successful competitions have been staged.


  • To create of a new corporate identity that would help form a positive image of the park and increase its competitiveness.
  • To identify key elements of the identity (promotional products and souvenirs).
  • To develop a convenient navigation system.
  • To adapt the historical heritage, landscape identity and recreational potential of the area.
  • To set a sustainable development strategy for 15 years.
  • To foster dialogue with local communities.

Which parks have been the subjects of Competitions?

1. Mitino Landscape Park (Moscow)

Winner: Consortium under the leadership of Russian bureau ARTEZA.

Concept: Mitino Red Park Preservation of the park’s unique natural landscape, emphasis on historical heritage and water resources, and creation of a unique image component of the park.

The idea: a park with history.

2. Sokolniki (Moscow)

Best Logo: Consortium headed by SmartHeart + WHITE RUSSIAN STUDIO.

Concept: “Sokolniki: The Embassy of Nature”. 

3. Zoo & Botanical Garden (Kazan, Tatarstan)

Winner: Maskat.

Concept: The harmony of flora and fauna.

Idea: Plant patterns, typical of Tatar functional art, emphasize the inextricable connection of all forms of life on Earth.

4. Black Lake (Kazan, Tatarstan)

Winner: AdWorm Agency.

Concept: Branded style designer.

Idea: Reinvention of a traditional Tatar floral ornament in terms of modern graphic design trends.

5. The Park for Future Generations (Yakutsk, Sakha)

Winner: Atrium LLC (Moscow) + Vostok+ LLC (Yakutsk).

Concept: CAXAblock, a versatile modular architectural and landscape invention.

Idea: Modern re-interpretation of the Yakuts’ ancient epos, cultural images, symbols, and ornaments

6. Gorky Central Park (Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory)

Winner: Consortium headed by MAParchitects.

Concept: A Symbiosis of Heritage, Culture, Health and Active Lifestyle.

Idea: Reconnecting the park to the local cultural heritage and sharing new knowledge with people living in Krasnoyarsk. The Central Park drives regeneration of the city.

7. Victory Park (Murmansk, Murmansk region)

Winner: Consortium headed by AML LLC + Svoboda Creative Association.

Concept: Preserving the distinctive features and history of the place.

Idea: Incorporation of the park into the urban environment and development of hiking trails. 

A modern park is not only an object of landscape architecture, but also a driver of the city’s renewal. For proper development of the recreational space, there are many factors to consider:

  • changing user demands;
  • preservation of the historical, cultural and natural heritage of the territory;
  • adoption of innovative architectural, design and technological solutions;
  • environment inclusivity.

Thanks to the corporate identity competitions, many parks in Russia have received the resources needed for successful development for many years to come, and architects and landscape designers have been given an opportunity to make history.

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