“Discover your Russia” Acceleration Program to Design Conceptual Tourist Routes in the Regions of the Russia

5 July – 12 November 2021

As part of the Nationwide “Discover your Russia” Project to Design Conceptual Tourist Routes, the Acceleration Program was launched, which was created as a methodological support and training for participants in the Nationwide Competition. It includes a cycle of training events and consultations with experts aimed at developing professional competencies among participants in creating a competitive product and expanding business.

The orientational and introductory modules are part of the Acceleration Program. During the educational sessions participants will meet tourism industry experts, learn about the latest trends in the industry, and much more.

The organizer is the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) with the support of the Federal Agency for Tourism (Rostourism), the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. The Operator is Agency for Strategic Development CENTER.

Dmitry ChernyshenkoDeputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

Tourism stimulates the development of more than 50 sectors of the economy. It is a powerful catalyst that we should use to provide a quick launch to the national project. Today we are working to create a year-round tourism infrastructure, increase the availability of our tourism product and improve service standards. We plan that by 2024 tourist routes in all regions will be accredited and equipped at the expense of special grants.

Svetlana ChupshevaCEO of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives

The main task of the tourism business in modern realities is to identify, support and promote the development of existing local entrepreneurs and initiatives of local residents who will become co-authors of conceptual tourist routes based on meanings and people. We are waiting for applications for the competition from experience producers — entrepreneurs already involved in this industry and idea authors, like farmers and restaurateurs who work in the territory. Our task is to show residents what routes these can be, to help make them interesting, package solutions that tour operators can offer tourists.

The purpose of the Acceleration Program is to involve existing and potential entrepreneurs in the creation of a high quality tourism product.

Tasks of the Accelerator 

  • Designing a tourist product based on the DNA of the regions
  • Increasing the competencies of regional management teams, business and industry communities
  • Formation of a new type of industry community
  • Identification of remote promising sites with the potential to increase tourist demand

Mentors and lecturers Experts involved in the program for training participants of the Acceleration Program by giving lectures and conducting practical classes, providing methodological and educational materials, preparing and checking tasks, and advising teams. They have professional knowledge and practical experience in one of the areas related to the development of specially protected natural areas, the development of ecotourism in specially protected natural areas, architecture, economics, urban planning, development of territories and sites, ecology, sociology, marketing, tourism, socio-cultural programming, master planning, infrastructure design, financial and economic modeling, investment attraction, and other disciplines related to the topic of the Acceleration Program.


  • Anna Bulochnikova Anna Bulochnikova Director of consulting at RussiaDiscovery
  • Anastasia Yesina Anastasia Yesina Independent consultant on marketing and strategy
  • Anastasia Ehtarian Anastasia Ehtarian Marketer, brand manager of special projects at My Office
  • Elena Krupina Elena Krupina Independent consultant
  • Natalia Kustova  Natalia Kustova Expert in brand design, head of an advertising agency
  • Miloslava LisienkovaMiloslava LisienkovaFounder and CEO of Retail Management School
  • Anna Matushevskaya Anna Matushevskaya Independent consultant
  • Svetlana Papaeva Svetlana Papaeva Director, head of marketing and communications at EY
  • Svetlana Ryzhova Svetlana Ryzhova Independent consultant
  • Darya Travkina Darya Travkina Research Manager M.Video
  • Artyom Ukropov Artyom Ukropov Partner at the MEGABUDKA architectural bureau


  • Elena Artemova Elena Artemova Director of business science at DENTSU
  • Elena Belousova Elena Belousova Director of Travel Marketing
  • Anna Vazhenina Anna Vazhenina Journalist and editor
  • Andrei Iwashchenko Andrei Iwashchenko Business consultant with Servitization
  • Anatoly KazakevichAnatoly KazakevichFounder and director of Baykal Sphere
  • Andrei Kataev Andrei Kataev Founder and Director of the Regional Tourism Workshop
  • Anastasia Levchenko Anastasia Levchenko Product manager at Alfa-Bank
  • Vadim Mamontov Vadim Mamontov Founder and Director of RussiaDiscovery
  • Anton Lubavin Anton Lubavin CEO of Hector Online
  • Philip Muravyov Philip Muravyov Creative director of Metaforma
  • Andrei Purtov Andrei Purtov Curator of the Marketing and Brand Management programme at the British School of Design
  • Timofey Rogozhin Timofey Rogozhin Executive Director of Arctic People
  • Alexander Sirchenko Alexander Sirchenko Deputy Director General for Cooperation with the Authorities of the TUI Russia
  • Ksenia Stahanova Ksenia Stahanova Brand manager of Novartis
  • Andrei Surkov Andrei Surkov Director of Baikal
  • Vera Stompel Vera Stompel Operational Marketing Manager for Trip.com Group
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