Festival "Urbansad"

18 May – 18 May 2015

The project is part of the annual campaign "subbotnik in parks", subordinated to the Department of Culture of Moscow.

"Urbansad" is a one-day intervention in the Garden of them. Bauman. We have involved local residents, architects, designers and other creative people to realize interesting ideas for the city and the park.


11.00 -15.00

Workshop on the creation of designer birdhouses

Birdhouses in the style of the great architects and artists of the twentieth century "Arch / Skvor". These projects will be implemented in the workshop and sag in the Garden of the entire season.

Workshop Hosts: "Pro. Dvizhenie". Project partner MANDERS shop.


Egor Korobeynikov is founder UrbanUrban Bureau, will explain how the citizens around the world learn the urban voids, turn them into a beautiful and comfortable space for life and self-expression.

Svyat Murunov is urbanist, Head of Applied Urban Center will study the area surrounding the Garden to them. Bauman and together with the people generate ideas for improving the area.

Tour of the Basmanny District

Philip Smirnov is author of urban excursions, designer, scholar and moskvolyub will walk through the Garden of Bauman and its surroundings, talk about the "cultural codes" and the history of the place. The program of work day planned several thematic excursions.

Children's program

Children's workshop Creative Center "Kavardak": creating dream city map on the asphalt, the material may be cardboard boxes, foil and colored paper, clay, plastic cups, tape, Kraft - everything is at home doing nothing.

Children's Architectural Studio Center P'titCREF: creating mockups of houses, bridges, transport and the city's other components.

seed Market

you can buy the seeds and plants for your yard front gardens and flower beds.

Garage Sale

residents of the area are selling and give different things, books piled up on the shelves of home.

food market

interesting gastronomic projects, curators fed guests of the festival and talk about the features of preparation of their dishes:

  • UNICORN CORN:maize project: corn for a couple with a choice of sauces, sandwiches and soups made from corn;
  • HomemadeLemonade, hot fruit and berry drinks, homemade sweets;
  • Pian-Se, steam burgers: the famous Korean street food;
  • My big Greek falafel, tasty, homemade vegetarian food, and others.

Music program

program supervisor - Follow me.

Sergey GeorgievskiyCEO, Agency for strategic development "Center"

"CITY PARK is On the one hand, more" YARD ", where walking and MEET PEOPLE, on the other - open space where architects and designers - so there were WORLDWIDE - to realize their most challenging projects: street furniture, public art, LANDSCAPE experiment. "

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