The concept of architectural and construction of industrial park on Bakuninskaya

24 June – 24 June 2016

Technopark architectural and building orientation, a platform that unites 30 organizations.

Photos provided ICS Neo.


  • the creation of educational and scientific platform for expertise, developing innovative solutions;
  • the creation of the project environment for the formation of consortia and small businesses;
  • creating management platform for the successful integration of innovative solutions to the market;
  • organization rented jobs on the basis of creative workshops for small companies, with a full cycle of professional services (financing, auditing, accounting, legal and notary services, etc.);
  • creating a unique platform for external communication;
  • the creation of the design office for the development and sale of technology solutions;
  • involvement of partners and co-investors.

8 key areas of specialization in the Technopark Bakuninskaya

  • Modeling and prototyping (3D scanning, 3D modeling, 3D printing, manufacturing of parts, layout);
  • Information and spatial modeling (BIM, GIS, management of source data, energomodelirovanie programming space acoustic modeling);
  • Architecture and Design (effective organization space, Ground Floor, rational home, insolation control and lighting / shading systems, design of interactive media, industrial design elements);
  • Engineering technology (construction management of all systems, monitoring and automation, Plug & Play - ready multifunctional units);
  • Multimedia (design, management of the environment and mood, multimedia equipment of temporary events, sound technology, sound processing, photo and video shooting, editing, processing, NEW MEDIA ART);
  • Energy efficiency (energy conservation, shaping, durability of structures and materials, protection from harmful environmental factors, seamless technology, renovation / reuse, eco-technologies);
  • Management (planning and control system construction project (4P + P), the classification system in the building (Integral 3P), technological workplace (people + Skill + accessories)).

Technoparks in Russia. context

Today in Russia there are about 800 industrial parks, but due to legal uncertainty such itself can even be called a trading network or an office building, the tenants of which are partly connected with the sphere of innovations. According to the Association of clusters and technology parks are now in the territory of the Russian Federation has created and 71 industrial park. Total in the world in high-tech industrial parks working 700.

Sergey GeorgievskiyCEO, Agency for strategic development "Center"

"Technopark is the most effective platform for transforming scientific developments in new technology, experienced and production samples, and for the creation and development of innovative companies, commercialization of innovative projects, the ability to give a new impetus to high technology industries."

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