Сoncept for an innovative public space in Anadyr, Chukotka Autonomous Region

18 February – 15 July 2019
Anadyr, Chukotka Region
A project for the creation of an innovative, creative art public space ANGAR in Anadyr, the easternmost town in Russia. The comprehensive study determined the background for the creation of a youth center, and key factors defining the specifics of its creation, including any natural and climatic peculiarities. The project was elaborated by Consortium of the Agency CENTER + MAParchitects 

Territory. Chukotka Region, Anadyr, Otke st-t, 55.

Objective. To create a place for informal meetings and interaction of young people, and sharing knowledge of blogging, business planning, design, music, and media art. 

Based on such comprehensive study, taking into account any relevant international and Russian practices in the creation of similar public spaces, a Concept for the Creation of an Innovative Public Space includes:

  • Definition of the ideology, mission, and manifest of the space;
  • Definition of the target audience, and its preferences and requirements;
  • Scenarios for the use of the site, its functionality, and its services; 
  • A management model for the site;
  • Principles of financial and economic development and sustainability;
  • A development strategy for the next five to ten years.

Expected results of the Architectural Concept for the Redevelopment of a building in the industrial and warehousing zone:

  • more efficient use of the production area and its integration with surrounding facilities;
  • implementation of the principle of contrast in the center’s exterior - the building should become a kind of “beacon”, clearly distinguishable in foggy and snowy weather;
  • ensuring the maximum functionality of the spaces, as well as preserving the textures and artifacts of the place, focusing on the original purpose of the room.

Updates on the project’s progress is available on social networks: Instagram, VK
Official Telegram channel for the project: t.me/angar_loft

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